Tue 3 Aug 2021

Wreck Site of the Dakotian

Diving the Dakotian

This is a large wreck in Milford Haven and its position is therefore marked by a wreck buoy which sits to the south of the wreck. The seabed around the Dakotian is very flat which makes her a very large and hence easy 4m+ target to detect using sonar.

She lies in approximately 19m of water which makes her a relatively simple dive for all grade levels. Being in the Haven this wreck is little visited in good weather as the local diving community typically take the opportunity to explore outside of the Haven, however in good visibility this can be an exceptional wreck dive.

This wreck can be dived at any state of the tide, however best visibility is experienced on a making tide which sweeps in relatively clear water from outside of the Haven over the wreck. It isnt a good dive site when there is a south westerly blowing as it is completely exposed to the Atlantic swell(2m+) entering the Haven. It also suffers from run-off from the Clyddu river so heavy rain in the previous week will make this a very low visibility dive even on a making tide.

Good visibility(1~2m) at any of the launch slipways is indicative of good viz in the Haven.

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