Stack Rocks

Tue 3 Aug 2021

Scenic Dives at Stack Rocks

There are two very good scenic dives around Stack Rocks. The better of the two is on the Northern side. Anchor the rhib 100m south of the Northern most point, on the Northern side.

Drop the shot approximately 50m off the rocks and set the divers swimming in a north easterly direction whereupon they will come across an underwater reef of gullies running NNE/SSW which are covered with all forms of marine wildlife.

The second option is to drop a shot 50m short on the southern side at the Northern most tip and have the divers swim in North/North west direction starting from a depth of 15m beyond the kelp line and decending down to 25m. This area is covered in boring sponges, and crustacea, which in turn provides a food source for a number of octopus which thrive in this area.

video snips of the reef:- Octopus