Szent Istvan

Tue 3 Aug 2021

Wreck of the Szent Istvan

Szent Istvan was a 2,215t Austro-Hungarian owned steamship built in Newcastle in 1892, with a length of 285feet and 38feet wide driven by a triple expansion 237hp steam engine.

On 28th September 1908 she struck rocks on south west side of Ramsey Island in fog and sank in 20m of water.

Diving the Szent Istvan.

This wreck is diveable most states of the tide being generally sheltered close into the rocks on the South West corner of Ramsey Island. Although shallow visibility can on occassions be good, however even the slightest swell can quickly pick up the sedement and completely deplete any viz in a matter of hours. Therefore this wreck is best avoided when there is any likelihood of moderate South Westerly winds or recent swells.

The wreck is fairly easy to locate as it sits about 50m south of a very small square topped cave, On arriving at the wreck you will come across the propshaft, running east west, which is in two halves.

If you travel east you will approach the bows of the wreck, travel west and you will eventually come across the first of two boilers. As mentioned the propshaft is in two half so on reaching the end of the broken propshaft travel a further 10m west and you will pick up on the 2nd half of the prop which will lead you on to the first boiler.

To locate the 2nd boiler which has rolled off the wreck you will need to travel SSW from the first boiler into deeper water where the 2nd boiler has relocated itself. Your divers will need to take care not to wander too far off the 2nd boiler as it sits just inside of a tidal current which will be difficult to cope with when in full flow. If your divers do leave the wreck they should deploy a DSMB in order for your rib to track their progress.

Some video snipits of the Szent Istvan  
  2nd part Propshaft

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